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About Astrobharati

Astrobharati - The Best Online Astrology App

Astrology is a type of shastram/script written and implemented by Indian Maharshees (Monks) Shree. Jaimini Maharshee and Shree Parasharam Maharshee in scientific way [Astrological science]This is mainly developed to define the effect of terrestrial event and position of celestial objects.

Astrobharati is our 15 years dream to share our views and give service on traditional Astrology to the whole world by not wasting time to meet us physically in our offices . Moreover It is not convenient for our devotees who are outside city/countries . To resolve this problem we came up with this virtual meeting and phonically connect to get all facilities which we offer. We understand our devotee’s intention was also the same. This is our emotional than the Business for us. Once you connect with us we won't disappoint you.

Monk Shree||Varahamihara written a immense book “Bruhat Jatakam” known to be India's foremost astrological text which outline the human affairs in the mother earth. Traditional Astrology is divided into 3 parts which will give immense divine knowledge about Universe.

  • ✔ Siddhanta
  • ✔ Hora
  • ✔ Samhita

Know About Astrology

Astrobharati - The Best Online Astrology App

⦿ Siddhanta :
Describes astrological mathematics to know the different planet positions. Example the exact prediction of eclipse and many more universal facts.

⦿ Hora :
Tells about the prediction of human behaviour [true self & personality]. This is mainly done through Jatakam [Horoscope] which is written based on the birth date , time and the birth place. Prediction can also done through Prashna Chintanam.

⦿ Samhita :
Describes divine knowledge about human perception and planetarium moment which affects daily routine. In Hindu culture Planets are treated as GOD as it is narrated in the shastras as

“देवता ग्रहरूपेण दर्शयन्ति शुभाशुभम्”

Astrology is an divine knowledge by all these Shastra’s which can predict details in connection with universe as well as humans.
We learnt though Jyotishya Shastram [Astrology] that how human attitude is impacted in connection with universe [celestial bodies]
All of us know the Hindu calendar called as “PANCHANGAM”. The Indian Maharshees who built this shastram says

प्प्रत्यक्षं ज्यौतिषं शास्त्रं चन्द्रार्कौ यत्र साक्षिणौ

That means this astrology mathematics calculate the time of sunrise, sunset and actual day of eclipse and many more universal facts based on planetary motion which intern impact unique human body and mind.

We are the disciple who are studying and exploring all these Astrology shastram for centuries with professional course of Jyotisham for 10 years in Mahavidyalay and with 20+ years of practice in Astrology and Vedic profession decided to bring traditional astrologers in one roof to serve the believers to deliver positive results to their current and future life aspects.

So our effort came true with huge passion on traditional vedic Astrology to build a company viz “UMABHARATI JYOTISHAM” to serve the needy online. Our online service ASTROBHARATI website was inaugurated by our Guru “Shreemajjagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Gangadharendra Saraswati Swamiji”

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Astrobharati - The Best Online Astrology App
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Our Dedicated Well-wishers

Astrobharati - The Best Online Astrology App

Some of our well-wishers who have always supported to our goal and mission.

“Astrobharati is giving a great advice to the people on mental and physical health, with a team of experts who have read the classical script for building a Swasthya and a Sukhi society.”

Dr. Venkatramana Hegde

CMO. Veda wellness centre Nisarga Mane

“When our family facing a lot of problems in current situation Astrobharati giving us a lot of moral support and great predictions. Now our family is comforted and happy with Astrobharati..”

Ashwini Dundshi

: [House wife - UAE ]

“Astrobharati has been very helpful to me in achieving my goal of success in my studies with the help of astrological suggestions i acheived my goal in my life.....”

Vishwajit Hegde

: [ Topper Student - IIT]

“Astrobharati is a good astrological platform which have a good knowledgeable authentic astrologers team Thank you for ASTROBHARATI”

Shivaram Hebbar

: Labour Minister [ Govt. of Karnataka]